Acting Academy

Innovative, Practical, On-Camera Training

6 Week Program Overview

Convenient Classes Weekends and Nights


Actors Rehearsing

Convenient Classes 

Weekends and Nights

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•    Do's and Don'ts of the Business, Auditioning for Casting Companies, Cold Reads and Memorization Techniques

•     One Minute Monologue Discussion

•     lV Commercial Auditions for Casting Directors and Performing lV Commercials in a Live Studio

•    Film Industrials Auditions for Casting Directors and Performing Film Industrials in a Live Studio

•    Improvisation and Monologue Presentation

•     Auditioning 101: Casting Calls, Submissions, Basics

•     Teleprompter 101: Technique, Practice Intensives

•    Ear Prompter 101: Technique, Practice Intensives

•     Commercial Copy: Style, Break Down Copy, Variations

•     Cold Reads: Technique, Smart Choices, Intensive Practice

•     lV and Film Auditions: Technique, Style, Tips and Tricks,

•     Characterization: Finding a Character, Developing, Creating Behavior, Smart Choices, Serving the Story

Dramatic Actor
Theater Group

Adult Acting

On Camera Acting for Adults

6 week course (Limit 10 Students)

Classes schedule  January

Location: 1235 W st NE 

Class times: 2pm- 6pm

1st week) Auditioning, Cold Reads, Memorization, Marketing your acting career.

(2nd week) Improvisation, Script Analysis, Character Development

(3rd week) Teleprompter and Ear Prompter

(4th week) On Camera Commercials Spokesperson (Video Recorded for Students copy)

(5th week) On Camera Industrials (Video Recorded for Students copy)

(6th week) Monologues (Video Recorded for Students copy)