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DC Media Academy

Filmmaking, Acting & Digital Marketing Classes for DC Creatives

Our Purpose

Welcome to DC Media Academy, a hub for aspiring filmmakers, actors, and digital marketing enthusiasts in the heart of Washington, D.C. Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of creative minds, fostering a thriving film industry in the nation's capital through the power of education and hard work.

At DC Media Academy, storytellers embark on a journey to master the art of crafting compelling narratives through filmmaking, acting, and digital media. Aspiring creators immerse themselves in hands-on programs, choosing from a range of programs and workshops offered in Washington, D.C. Students engage in immersive learning experiences, spending the majority of their studies writing, shooting, editing, directing, acting, and producing original films and digital content. The academy provides a dynamic environment for honing the skills and techniques essential for bringing cinematic visions to life.

Explore our specialized filmmaking, acting, and digital marketing programs designed to provide a comprehensive experience and expertise. Let DCMA be your gateway to a dynamic future in the world of 

Film, Acting, and Digital Marketing.

Current Workshops


DC Media Academy's Filmmaking programs provide students with a comprehensive education to nurture their growth as directors and filmmakers. Our hands-on programs empower students to create multiple original films, offering invaluable training on real film sets. Committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment, the academy ensures students develop the skills and expertise required to excel in the filmmaking industry.

At DC Media Academy, our Filmmaking program offers a hands-on experience, empowering students to create original films on real sets. Our dynamic curriculum goes beyond traditional boundaries, exploring emerging mediums like web series, podcasts, virtual reality, commercials, and music videos. Through extensive-scale productions and rigorous coursework, students develop a practical skill set covering all vital aspects of filmmaking. The program encourages a deep dive into visual content, fostering the development of individual style and artistic voice. Graduates emerge with a rich portfolio, showcasing their films and video content in an impressive reel.

​"Inviting and fun learning atmosphere. Teachers and mentors were all really helpful, kind, and knowledgeable about their lessons and gave insightful industry tips for success. I was just as lucky to be working with some of the most motivated and talented peers ever. Would definitely recommend anyone trying to learn and succeed in the industry"

​Ocean Akinotcho

“​Excellent starter course! Great networking opportunities and practical experience with equipment.”


“​My experience interacting with the fine group of individuals at there establishment was life changing and open my mind to many wonderful opportunities on the horizon!”

​David Smith

Students Testimonials

Meet The Team

Film Slate Marker
Christopher Schrack

Filmmaker Instructor

Georgia Jenkins

Program Director Instructor

Ricardo Villalba
Ricardo Villalba

Founder & CEO Instructor

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